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Skye Ferry crossing

Skye Ferry The crossing from Glenelg to Skye on the Skye Ferry is one of the true gems you will find while traveling in the Scottish Highlands. An experience that before even getting there becomes heightened when you see the Kyle Rhea straits for the first time.

At peak tides speeds of over 10kts have been measured and the narrow sea crossing of under 600 meters can look more like a stretch of river rapids than a sea crossing.



Setting sail The MV Glenachulish and maybe a flypast.

And there, crossing back and forward, daily in season, is the MV Glenachullish. Originally built in 1969 for the Ballachulish crossing prior to the bridge being opened in 1975 she is the last operating manual turntable ferry in the world and very much a Scottish National Treasure. Before you cross, stop a while and watch. If you are lucky you may see a flypast by our resident Sea Eagles that regularly feed at the crossing, also Porpoise or maybe pods of Dolphins, Otters and many other species of wildlife.


Manual turntable Meet the crew (and future skipper!)

On board will be the skippers, Donnie, “Q” or Calum, plus a friendly chatty crew often helped by **Nak the ferry dog and Izzie, who started working on the ferry as a youngste during her school holidays and aims to become a future ferry skipper (Izzie has been on TV – several times!).

It may sound surreal but it’s what makes the Skye Ferry attract visitors from all over the world on what is surely the most magical sea crossing “over the sea to Skye”.




10am to 6pm

10am to 7pm (June, July, August).

Every 20 minutes or as required.

Every day (weather permitting) between:

Easter and mid October (approximately)



Nak ferry dog

Lighthouse, tourist information and Skye Ferry souvenirs

The small lighthouse on the Glenelg slip houses tourist information about the Ferry and area. Also tea, coffee and biscuits and just ask the crew if you want to buy a t-shirt, hat, mug, sticker or other Skye Ferry souvenir. More details at


**Nak has his own Facebook page!!

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Skye Ferry souvenirs to purchase on-line

Skye Ferry Cap


Ferry Cap

Skye Ferry Tee Shirt


Ferry T-shirt

(Crewman not included!)


Skye Ferry tea towel

Skye Ferry tea towel


Skye Ferry Mug


Ferry Mug

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